Peace Lutheran Church has been serving Christ in El Paso since 1983. We are a community of faith, seeking the face of God in Jesus Christ, through worship, relational ministries, and service in the community. We are one in Christ, discerning God’s calling in our lives, collectively and individually. We seek to be in the community of El Paso following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ—“Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me.” We recognize the image of God, implicit in our humanity, in all people. We seek to be hospitable to all, serve all, love all; just as God serves and loves all of God’s creation.

As such, education is an important part of who we are. We seek to learn as much as we can about who we are and what God is asking us to do as God’s children. We believe all children have the right to a quality education. As such, we reach out to El Paso through our Preschool. We know and believe we are not an island unto ourselves and we partner with Iglesia Luterana Cristo Rey in downtown El Paso. We are also ministry partners with Border Servant Corps as we participate in a ministry of presence: we are present and attentive to the needs of the BSC servants just as they are attentive and present to the needs of El Paso.

If you are looking for God, believe us when we tell you: God is looking for you and is closer than you can imagine! If you are looking for a place of welcome and hospitality, a place where you can ask your questions and have folks walk with you along the way as you find answers, a place where you can be your God-given self, seeking to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in Word and Deed—this is the place for you! We are excited you are here and praise God for the opportunity to worship and serve God with you!

Peace uses a variety of worship services, with music from multiple sources. Each worship service is structured to reflect the Biblical emphasis for that Sunday.

Jesus calls his followers to be disciples. We take that call seriously, seeking to grow in our faith through study opportunities and practicing our faith in our daily lives.