Core Beliefs

What We Believe

Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, came to give the gift of peace: Luther_bible_double_page_bpeace with God, peace with our selves, and peace in the world. We are called to live and share that gift until the whole world comes to know that peace.


Lutherans are one part of the Christian family, tracing their roots to the apostles and Jesus. Lutherans gain their name from Martin Luther, the great reformer of the Church in the 1500’s. Lutherans are noted for their music and for their theology. That theology, in its clearest expression, states that God comes to us in his Son, Jesus Christ, granting us a relationship of love solely because of God’s choice. Trusting in God’s action in Jesus Christ, Lutherans commit their lives and their future to following and serving Jesus and the world for which he died.

El Paso, Texas