Weekly Message From Pastor Diana

Dear People of Peace,

We had a wonderful turn-out and celebration for Stewardship Sunday this past weekend!  Thank you to all who helped lead and participate in worship, those who turned in pledges, those who set up for the potluck, and all who brought food and joined in the celebration afterwards.  So far, we have received $64,890 in pledges for our next fiscal year, which begins in June!  If you have not yet turned in your pledge form, or if you would like more information, please feel free to speak with Pastor Diana or a member of the Stewardship Team.  The team includes Tracy Braddy, Ferdinand Lugo-Salas, Frankie Sweetnam, Jenn Graham and Anne Nicolaou.

This Sunday we hear the story of Jesus healing a man who has been blind since birth.  After Jesus heals him, he and his parents are interrogated by neighbors and religious leaders about whose fault it is that he was blind, how it is that his sight was been restored, and who this Jesus character is, anyway.  Those questioning him do not want to listen to what he says and they do not want to see the evidence that is in front of them.  Perhaps understandably, it is the man who was previously blind that both sees and believes in Jesus.

I look forward to coming together with you again this Sunday!  It is right and good that we should at all times and in all place give thanks and praise to God!

Grace and Peace,

+Pastor Diana

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